What is EFE? 

This is an acronym for "español con fines especÍficos" or Spanish for specific purposes.

Different to general Spanish, where you just want to learn the language, here you pick an specialty, something that you want to focus on, for example, medical Spanish, tourism Spanish, business Spanish, law Spanish, diplomatic Spanish and the possibilities are endless.

Who needs EFE?

This type of classes are common among professionals that need to improve their skills looking for provide better services to their clients or to get a promotion. However there are college students that want to graduate with Spanish knowledge on their field, or there are people who want to focus on knowing exactly what they need for a trip or a conference. This type of program is very flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Why to take a EFE class instead of general Spanish?

This answer depends on your goals. If you just want to learn the language for fun, school, get better grades or just to have daily life conversations, general Spanish is great, it works with almost any purpose, but it will take more time to achieve the goal because is general.

If you have a very particular need, like a trip in 3 months and you just want to know the essentials to survive in a Spanish speaking country, or a conference in a medical congress and you already know some Spanish but you are lost in medical terminology in this language, you will need some kind of program that helps you to achieve fast this knowledge that you require

What kind of classes do we offer?


  1. You are a health care provider (doctor, nurse, therapist, psychologist, dentist, life coach etc...)
  2. You have some Spanish level (intermediate, A2.)
  3. You want to learn Spanish related to your profession.
  1. You work in the tourism industry. 
  2. Or you have an adventurous soul desiring to visit new places.
  3. Your knowledge of Spanish is basic  to intermediate.
  4. You need survival Spanish for your trip.
  5. You need Spanish to be better at your job.

Do you want a class with us?

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