A little bit about us

My name is Maribel, Colombian, Paisa.

I teach languages because I feel that it is a way to contribute with something positive to people's lives.

Languages are a door to new experiences, new perspectives on life and a path to tolerance because languages show us different cultures and make us more human.

I discovered my passion for teaching almost by accident, when someone asked me to help them with their Spanish, from that moment the flame of love for language teaching began to grow.

Hi, I'm Jennifer, Colombian, lover of sunsets and enjoying life with a good beer.

I have a master's degree in applied linguistics in teaching Spanish as a foreign language; my love for my profession and the discovery of new cultures began in 2012 in El Socorro, Santander, it was there where that first contact with teaching captivated me and is what keeps me in love with my work day by day.

Then to expand my horizons I decided to move to Medellin, where my professional and personal growth has been continuous.

I am a true believer that you learn and discover new things every day, so I look forward to the opportunity to learn together.


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